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Talking Drupal #375 – Being A Creative Director Talking Drupal

Today we are talking about Being a Creative Director with Randy Oest. For show notes visit: Topics What is a Creative Director? How is being a CD at a technical company different? Do Drupal CD’s need additional skills? Sometimes things get lost in translation between design and development how do you bridge that gap? How do you mentor? How do you interview for creative positions? Do you hire developers too? Optimal makeup for a team. Guiding the Four Kitchen’s team Inpiration Resources NEDCamp Videos Bits and Mortar WTI Yale Sanity PenPot Quant-Ux Four Kitchens Hosts Nic Laflin – @nicxvan John Picozzi – @johnpicozzi Randy Oest – @amazingrando MOTW Correspondent Martin Anderson-Clutz – @mandclu ECA ECA is a powerful, versatile, and user-friendly rules engine for Drupal 9+. The core module is a processor that validates and executes event-condition-action plugins. Integrated with graphical user interfaces like BPMN.iO, Camunda, ECA Core Modeller or other possible future modellers, ECA is a robust system for building conditionally triggered action sets.
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