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Talking Drupal #359 – Contribution Events Talking Drupal

Today we are talking about Contribution Events. Topics What are contribution events What is the contribution event What are the key goals Can you give us a quick overview of how you started teh community initiative Why did each of you feel this was important How did you get involved What was involved in the first event What were lessons learned What were the successes of the first event How can someone have a contribution event Are there differences in having events centered on various areas What are the most important resources How can someone get involved Resources Contribution Events Initiative Contribution Events Slack Drupal 10 Porting Day John’s Non-Code Contribution talk at DrupalCon Portland Contribution Events Project Drupal Pod Meeting times Guests Kristen Pol – @kristen_pol Surabhi Gokte – @SurabhiGokte Hosts Nic Laflin – @nicxvan John Picozzi – @johnpicozzi Ryan Price – – @liberatr MOTW Anonymous Login This is a very simple, lightweight module that will redirect anonymous users to the login page whenever they reach any admin-specified page paths, and will direct them back to the originally-requested page after successful login.
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