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Talking Drupal #299 – Sustainability of the Webform Module Talking Drupal

Today we chat with our friend Jacob Rockowitz about the sustainability of the webform module and module maintainership sustainability in general. Topics Jacob's 5th appearance John got a new job! Jason launching 6 sites this week Nic went to the drive-in Jacob no more bike rides, just walks in the park Stephen finding Ansible useful Story: Recording episode 300 – get your recordings into Elevator pitch for webform When did Jacob begin maintaining Webform What is sustainability? Open collective How to make Drupal more sustainable Ways to contribute Donations vs time contribution Why open collective? Is there an exit plan Resources Open Collective Promotion: Guests Jacob Rockowitz @jrockowitz Hosts Stephen Cross – @stephencross Nic Laflin – @nicxvan John Picozzi – @johnpicozzi Jason Pamental – @jpamental
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