Docker on MacOS Sucks

Docker on MacOS does not run well. This session does not fix Docker on macOS; that’s too hard. However, Docker (lando, ddev…) does run great on Linux. I know, from experience, it’s hard to get people to switch to Linux. Oh, I’ve tried. But, it’s possible to have the best of both worlds. Use a Mac for things it does well, and use Linux for your Docker containers and everything Linux does well.

In this session, you will learn how to bring a Linux computer into your local development environment. It’s not a complicated setup, and you can do it on a small budget. (Do Mac users have small budgets?)
You can continue using your Mac development tools, and your workflow will stay the same.

Buying a newer, faster Mac will not fix your Docker issues, but Linux will. With this solution, that new M1 may be a possibility. And every web developer is more marketable and valuable with some Linux experience.

10/29/21Drupal Camp NYC 2021

Keynote: Using Your Passion and Interests to Power Open Source

Open-source contribution comes in many shapes and sizes.  While code is the most obvious contribution, there are many ways to help the Drupal project and community.  

The Talking Drupal podcast (,  reached its 300th episode milestone in June.  After eight years of contributing to Drupal in their own way, the Talking Drupal hosts will reflect on their journey, how it impacted their lives and careers, and ways you can turn your interests and passions into non-code contributions.

Join John, Nic, and Stephen as they record live from the GovCon Keynote.

10/13/21Drupal GovCon 2021

Raspberry Pi Basics

The Raspberry Pi is a project-based single board computer. What? My brother-in-law said to me one Christmas when I received a new Pi 3 as a gift, “I love the idea of the Pi, but I have no idea what to do with it”. This session introduces the Raspberry Pi and answers common questions:

  • What is a Pi?
  • What can I use it for?
  • How much will it cost?
  • Where do I start?
  • What should I purchase?
3/19/2021NERD Sumit

Linux for Development

NEDCamp BOF: Using Linux as a desktop environment for developers has great benefits. There are also issues. If you are considering a switch or have switched already, this BOF is for you. We talk about using Linux as your daily driver.

11/6/2020New England Drupal Camp

Generate a Static Website with Tome

The Tome module enables you to create a static website from Drupal. Static websites run fast and have low-security risks. You use Drupal admin to maintain content and Drupal templating to control the layout. Tome then outputs the entire website to static files. No headless, no JS tools, just Drupal. Topics covered:

  • How Tome works
  • How to setup Tome
  • Using companion modules TomeSync and Tome Netlify
  • When a static website is and is not appropriate
  • How to deal with limitations of a static website
1/31/2020NJ Drupal Camp – Princeton, NJ
11/23/2019New England Drupal Camp – Providence, RI

I switched to Linux, you can too.

In 2005 I made the switch from Windows to Mac as my primary desktop working environment. Thirteen years later I made a similar switch to Linux. And eighteen months after the switch, this Apple ‘fan boy’ is not looking back.

For a full stack Drupal developer, a Linux development environment makes sense. In this session, I will share the reasons why I switched to Linux, how it has impacted my day-to-day tasks, the ease and pain points of the switch. Topics covered:

  • Reasons to switch to Linux
  • The easy way and the hard way
  • Choosing a distribution
  • Transition plan
  • Software compatibility and alternatives
  • Breaking away from the Apple ecosystem or not
  • One year after the switch and moving forward
11/23/2019New England Drupal Camp – Providence, RI
7/24/2019Drupal GovCon – Bethesda, MD

From User Acceptance Testing to Automated Testing

Development workflows, continuous integration and automated testing are a hot topics, and should be. As teams rush to implement and improve their DevOps strategies, one thing hasn’t changed, testing is a afterthought. Effective automated testing begins with effective User Acceptance Testing (UAT). This session will explore a proven strategy to implement Behat into your development workflow. Topics covered:

  • What is User Acceptance Testing
  • The positive impact simple UAT has on the development process and team
  • Steps to implement UAT
  • Getting started with Behat
  • Effective use of Behat
  • Tips for using Behat on a Drupal project
7/26/2019Drupal GovCon – Bethesda, MD
6/27/2019Design4Drupal – Boston, MA
11/17/2018New England Drupal Camp – Providence RI
10/12/2018Baltimore Drupal Camp, Baltimore, MD