Drupal Development on Linux

(Draft NEDCamp Training)

Have you ever considered trying Linux but didn’t know how to get started? This training is for you.

Linux is a great operating system for developers, especially Drupal developers. Why?

  • Linux runs fast on both new, and not so new, hardware.
  • Docker, which most developers use, runs natively on Linux, therefor also runs fast.
  • The tools developers need are available on Linux
  • Linux is Open Source. It’s free to use and install on any computer.

In this full day training you will:

  • Learn Linux basics
  • Learn how to install Linux
  • Get hands on experience with the developer focused Linux distribution, Pop!_OS
  • Learn strategies for switching to Linux and integrating Linux into your Mac or Windows environment
  • Setup a Drupal environment
  • Learn about remote development with Linux

You can also bring a computer that you would like to install Linux on and we will give it a try.


  • What is Linux
    • Structure
    • Server and Desktop
    • Distributions
  • Linux for Developers
    • Advantages / Disadvantages
    • Switching or Integrating
  • Installing Linux
    • Test Drive
    • Used or New Hardware
    • Challenges
  • Hands on with Pop! OS
    • What is Pop! OS
    • Exploring
    • Software and App Store
  • Developer Tools
    • Drupal setup with Lando and DDEV
    • VS Code
  • Remote Development with Linux
    • Strategy and tools
    • Local Remote Development