Drupal - Back to Basics Challenge

by Stephen Cross

Posted on Mar 31st, 2018

You can go a long way using Drupal core, contributed modules and themes. But just how far? Let's find out.

The Drupal Back to Basics Challenge is an exploration of building a Drupal website without any custom code. Pick a project to work on over the next month. Maybe that blog you've meant to start since forever or a small website for that organization you know could use it. Keep your Drupal tool bag of modules and templates in the closet.


  • Use the current version of Drupal (8.4.x)
  • Use any core and experimental modules
  • Limit yourself to four additional contributed modules
  • No custom code
  • Use contributed or Drupal provided theme
  • No additional theming (this is a hard one)

What did you learn from this challenge?

  1. What did you have success with and what did you struggle with?
  2. What decisions had to be made when selecting four additional contributed modules?
  3. What did you learn?
  4. What could be improved in the Drupal world to make the challenge easier?
  5. Share Your Results:

If you are in the Providence area, share your results at Drupal PVD on February 20,2018.

If you are not local, share your results via e-mail with show@talkingdrupal.com by March 14. John, Nic and I will discuss your results during a March episode of Talking Drupal.


Tags: Drupal

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