by Stephen Cross

Posted on Mar 08th, 2018

Since purchasing a pair of AirPods, many times I've been asked, “How do you like your AirPods, would you recommend them?” I recommend them. If you use EarBuds a lot, AirPods are a worthwhile upgrade. I use headphones many hours each day.


Bluetooth, No Wires - I can't understate how nice it is to remove the wires. I was always knocking my phone on the floor by getting tangled in the wire. With AirPods, my phone can be almost anywhere in my home, and the headphones continue to work. When the phone is not with you, an AppleWatch is very handy to control the audio.

All Devices - AirPods work with all of my Apple devices. Once you connect them to one device, which is simple, all devices using the same Apple ID can use AirPods without any extra configuration. I love that it works with Apple TV. I can watch TV at night without disturbing anyone with loud audio.

Comfort - AirPods are very comfortable, I forget they are in my ears. If EarBuds are not comfortable for you, AirPods may not be a good fit.

Business Day - I like that AirPods work together or one at a time (with ease). My iPhone is my business phone, and I often find myself on the phone for most of the day. Unlike EarBuds, the left and right AirPods have microphones. You can use just one AirPod and swap to the other during a call. Because they are battery powered, seamless swapping is a critical feature.

Gym - I use AirPods at the gym, and they stay in during workouts. Forgetting they are in, scratching your ear, having one fall out and roll under the machine next to you... is not fun.


Batteries - Batteries run out. I have found the AirPods to last about 3 hours. But they do charge quickly. I do expect the battery life to degrade over time.

AirPods don’t replace EarBuds - I like to listen to music and podcasts in bed, AirPods are not good in bed because they fall out and lose battery power.

Cost - 5.3 times the cost of EarBuds!

Easy to Lose - Erica is surprised I haven't lost them yet. Me too.


Tags: Apple

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