Cutting the Cord - 30 days later

by Stephen Cross

Posted on Dec 29th, 2017

I cut the cord two days before Thanksgiving. 2018 is a few days away and all is good.

Tablo DVR

A week after cutting the cord, I purchased a Tablo Over The Air DVR. This device provides the ability to pause live television, record programs (or series) and watch live or recorded programs on other devices. The Tablo transforms the antenna into a usable solution.

The Tablo connects to the HD Antenna and your home network. You access the Tablo DVR from the Tablo App that runs on your streaming devices (Apple TV, Firestick, etc.) and devices (phones and tablets). In essence, your live TV and DVR is available anywhere.

Tablo has a subscription service which provides an enhanced guide. Without the subscription, you get one day of guide data, with the subscription you get fourteen days. The full list of subscription features is available at

I had trouble getting the Tablo to connect to my wireless network, but their technical support was excellent and got me up and running. Tablo needs to do some work on their software, it's a bit glitchy and the Apple TV app is severely limited. You will need the Tablo App installed on a phone or tablet to get access to all the Tablo settings.


My family is mostly unaffected by the change. We added the Hallmark Channel at ($5.99/mo) to watch Christmas movies during the holiday season. Now we have the freedom to turn that off when we are no longer viewing it!


Tags: Tech

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