One Mask to Rule Them All

Never did I imagine a government request to wear a mask while in public, and when it began, I never imagined I would have an opinion about the design of a mask, but I do.

I expect most people own at least three masks and maybe a dozen or more. For those like my wife, Erica, who wears a mask nine or more hours a day while teaching at school, fit, comfort, and protection are important.

A friend, Johanna, is making masks and gifted one to me. I’ve worn store-bought and homemade masks, and Johanna’s mask is, by far, better than any other I’ve worn. This is why…


My previous masks are not shaped to fit my face. They are basically a strip of material with ear loops on either end. Some have a little shape for better coverage, but none have a place for my nose and chin, and have large gaps around the edges.

Before making my mask, Johanna asked for a measurement from the tip of my nose to the tip of my chin. I expect that is part of the secret sauce.

A – Pocket for the nose
B – Pocket for the chin
C – No gap around the nose
D – No gap on the cheeks
E – No gap around the neck


Other than using an N-95 mask, I’ve had trouble with my glasses fogging. Without a gap at C, fogging is not a problem.


Since the mask fits well, it’s comfortable and easily worn for longer periods of time.


I’m not an expert in clothing, but the mask feels well made. It’s my daily driver. It’s been through the wash many times and still holds its shape.

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For more information, and to order your own custom-made mask, visit Johanna’s website at Tell her Stephen sent you!

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