This is the place I occasionally post content, and more often test techology.  Explore what's here today, no promises, it may not be here tomorrow or will change so dramtically it's unrecognizable. They say this is not a great strategy for building a 'personal brand' :)


Cutting the Cord - 30 days later

I cut the cord two days before Thanksgiving. 2018 is a few days away and all is good. Tablo DVR A week after cutting the cord, I purchased a Tablo Over The Air DVR. This device provides the ability to pause live television, record programs (or series) and watch live or recorded programs on oth…

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I Cut the Cord Today

It was a quick decision and execution driven by an increase in the cable bill. The Bill A few months ago my cable bill increased by $32.83 a month. In talking with Cox Communication, I learned the increase was because 12 months had passed. My services hadn't changed, but the discount “to make it seem cheap at the start” had expired. I wasn't under contract, s…

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