This is the place I occasionally post content, and more often test techology.  Explore what's here today, no promises, it may not be here tomorrow or will change so dramtically it's unrecognizable. They say this is not a great strategy for building a 'personal brand' :)


When Software Lifts Hardware - Outcast on Apple Watch

Over the past year, I’ve prioritized exercise in my life, most days spending an hour outside or at the gym. I take advantage of that time to listen to podcasts and audiobooks. It took two devices to make this work for me, a health tracker (Fitbit) and phone (iPhone). While I had wanted an Apple Watch since it’s introduction, having the ability to leave your phone behind made the Series …

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Drupal - Back to Basics Challenge

You can go a long way using Drupal core, contributed modules and themes. But just how far? Let's find out. The Drupal Back to Basics Challenge is an exploration of building a Drupal website without any custom code. Pick a project to work on over the next month. Maybe that blog you've meant to start since forever or a small website for that organization you know could use it. Keep your D…

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Drupal 8 and Lando - Getting Started

This is a quick guide for installing Drupal 8 on your local computer with composer and running it on Lando. Pre-requisites You will need composer, docker and Lando installed first. I've used the same basic steps to get configuration running on Mac and Linux. Windows is also available. Lando - …

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Since purchasing a pair of AirPods, many times I've been asked, “How do you like your AirPods, would you recommend them?” I recommend them. If you use EarBuds a lot, AirPods are a worthwhile upgrade. I use headphones many hours each day. Pros Bluetooth, No Wires - I can't understate how nice it is to remove the wires. I was always knocking my phone on the floo…

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Cutting the Cord - 30 days later

I cut the cord two days before Thanksgiving. 2018 is a few days away and all is good. Tablo DVR A week after cutting the cord, I purchased a Tablo Over The Air DVR. This device provides the ability to pause live television, record programs (or series) and watch live or recorded programs on oth…

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