Drupal 8 and Lando - Getting Started

by Stephen Cross

Posted on Mar 22nd, 2018

This is a quick guide for installing Drupal 8 on your local computer with composer and running it on Lando.


You will need composer, docker and Lando installed first. I've used the same basic steps to get configuration running on Mac and Linux. Windows is also available.

Lando - https://docs.devwithlando.io/installation/installing.html

Composer - https://getcomposer.org/doc/00-intro.md

Docker - https://docs.docker.com/docker-for-mac/

Installation Directory

The steps below are for installing Drupal 8 into the ~/Documents/dev/lando/d85 folder on my Mac. Substitute the locations are you see fit.

Setup Software Stack

If you have installed the pre-requisites, you can follow these steps to get the software stack running. Position yourself in the parent directory of where the application should be installed. In my case, ~/Documents/dev/lando.

cd ~/Documents/dev/lando

Drupal will be installed with the drupal-composer project. To learn more about drupal-composer see reference section below. Replace the ‘d85’ with your application directory name.

composer create-project drupal-composer/drupal-project:8.x-dev d85  --stability dev --no-interaction

The Drupal code has been installed. Position your in the newly created application directory.

cd ~/Documents/dev/lando/d85

We will now create a Lando instance using a Drupal 8 recipe. You will be asked two questions. 1. Webroot - Your webroot is ‘web’, drupal-composer is setup to make the folder the webfoot. 2. App name - I like to make the app name and folder the same.

lando init --recipe drupal8
Where is your webroot relative to the init destination? (.) web
What do you want to call this app? (My Lando App) d85

The lando init process is quick, it creates a .lando.yml file. The next step is to build the Lando instance. When complete, Lando will provide you with a URL to the newly created Drupal website. My URL was http://localhost:32828

lando start

Install Drupal

Using the link provided, you will see the Drupal install page.

Choose Language: - Leave default, Save and Continue

Choose Profile: - Leave default, Save and Continue

Setup Database: Use the information below for the database settings, use the Advanced button to set the proper Host Name to 'database'.

DB_HOST=database DB_USER=drupal8 DB_PASSWORD=drupal8 DB_NAME=drupal8 DB_PORT=3306

Configure Site: Provide all the required information.


Lando Commands

I found the following commands useful.

lando - will provide summary of the lando commands you have access to.

lando poweroff - to shutdown this lando instance

lando start - to start the lando instance

lando destroy - to delete the instance

lando info - display configuration information

lando drush - access to drush commands



Lando Drupal 8 Documentation

System Requirements for Lando


Using Composer with Drupal

Drupal Composer


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