I co-founded Parallax Information Technology 1996 and have been working with Drupal for ten years and building websites for more than twenty. I'm currently working on Drupal projects with the US Government.

Born in Boston, MA and raised in Bristol RI, I recently moved back to Bristol.

What started as two guys, Jason Pamental and myself, having coffee and talking tech, turned into a book club, and then the Talking Drupal Podcast. The first episode was recorded in 2013 with Jason, John Picozzi, and Nic Laflin. Three of us are still at it today!

With a desire to grow a strong Drupal community in the RI area, I reached out to the same guys to help start the New England Drupal Camp. In 2014, the first NEDCamp was held at Brown University. Local Drupal events are the best way to get involved with the community and continue professional development.

Early in my career I created developer training curriculum and taught courses. With an itch to teach again, in 2018 I launched Thinking Drupal where I offer Drupal training. I look forward to see where this will go in the future.

Family: Erica, my awesome wife of 28 years, and I have two daughters, Meghan and Allison. Toni and Abby, our cats, keep the house interesting when the girls are away.

Mac or PC: I was a MAC until recently switching to Linux. I'm currently using PopOS! on System76 hardware for development.

Hobbies: I wish I could be a more rounded person. Believe me, I've tried. I'm currently tinkering with SBCs (single board computers).

Favorite Band: While I love music of all shapes and sizes, Rush is my #1 of all time. My company name comes from a lyric in Roll the Bones, "It's a parallax, you dig".

Contact: @stephecross stephen@parallaxmail.com

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