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When Software Lifts Hardware - Outcast on Apple Watch

Over the past year, I’ve prioritized exercise in my life, most days spending an hour outside or at the gym. I take advantage of that time to listen to podcasts and audiobooks. It took two devices to make this work for me, a health tracker (Fitbit) and phone (iPhone).

While I had wanted an Apple Watch since it’s introduction, having the ability to leave your phone behind made the Series 3, released in October 2017, a compelling product. I upgraded my Fitbit to an Apple Watch, Series 3 Cellular, shortly after its release.

Drupal 8 and Lando - Getting Started

This is a quick guide for installing Drupal 8 on your local computer with composer and running it on Lando.


Since purchasing a pair of AirPods, many times I've been asked, “How do you like you AirPods, would you recommend them?”  I recommend them.  If your use EarBuds a lot, AirPods are a worthwhile upgrade.   I use headphones many hours each day. 

Drupal - Back to Basics Challenge

You can go a long way using Drupal core, contributed modules and themes. But just how far? Let's find out. 

We're Back

After a three month break, John, Nic and I recorded a Talking Drupal episode.

Cutting the Cord - 30 days later

I cut the cord two days before Thanksgiving.   2018 is a few days away and all is good.  

I Cut the Cord Today

A few months ago my cable bill increased by $32.83 a month.  In talking with Cox Communication, I learned the increase was because 12 months had passed.   My services hadn't changed, but the discount “to make it seem cheap at the start” had expired.  I wasn't under contract, so I was free to make a change.   

Hello World

Always the first post... Hello World