Stephen Cross

At home on July 4th

It's July 1st.  In most parts of the US, that means three days until a day off to celebrate the nations birthday.  In Bristol RI it has a very different meaning.  The 4th of July is a significant event, it's THE event.   Planning for July 4th, starts on July 5th the previous year.   The celebration begins in June and climaxes with the oldest parade in the country.   

When Software Lifts Hardware - Outcast on Apple Watch

Over the past year, I’ve prioritized exercise in my life, most days spending an hour outside or at the gym. I take advantage of that time to listen to podcasts and audiobooks. It took two devices to make this work for me, a health tracker (Fitbit) and phone (iPhone).

While I had wanted an Apple Watch since it’s introduction, having the ability to leave your phone behind made the Series 3, released in October 2017, a compelling product. I upgraded my Fitbit to an Apple Watch, Series 3 Cellular, shortly after its release.

Drupal 8 and Lando - Getting Started

This is a quick guide for installing Drupal 8 on your local computer with composer and running it on Lando.


Since purchasing a pair of AirPods, many times I've been asked, “How do you like you AirPods, would you recommend them?”  I recommend them.  If your use EarBuds a lot, AirPods are a worthwhile upgrade.   I use headphones many hours each day. 

Drupal - Back to Basics Challenge

You can go a long way using Drupal core, contributed modules and themes. But just how far? Let's find out. 

We're Back

After a three month break, John, Nic and I recorded a Talking Drupal episode.

Cutting the Cord - 30 days later

I cut the cord two days before Thanksgiving.   2018 is a few days away and all is good.  

I Cut the Cord Today

A few months ago my cable bill increased by $32.83 a month.  In talking with Cox Communication, I learned the increase was because 12 months had passed.   My services hadn't changed, but the discount “to make it seem cheap at the start” had expired.  I wasn't under contract, so I was free to make a change.   

Hello World

Always the first post... Hello World